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Audio, Video, Photo, Web, Print, Graphic, Illustration, VR/AR/XR, SFX/VFX etc.

If you have a product (physical or digital), a service to promote, a commercial to shoot, A/V to fix, songs to mix... whatever you might be working on let's work on it together.

Unsure about working together?

We would be willing to do a proof of deliverables free of charge
for the right company/job.

"skilled" in some, "mastered" in none

Some but not all of our experience:

Web Design/Dev
Motion Graphics
2D Animation
3D Animation
Physical/Digital Marketing
Product Commercials
Music Production  
Voice Over
Ad Clips
A/V Production/Editing
Set Design
Scene Continuity
A/V Continuity
3D Architectural Projection Mapping
the list is long

True... we don't have any degrees, but what we lack in paper certificates we greatly make up for in boots on the ground real world application. Maybe its not your production or your products that aren't selling, maybe its just a bit out of sync with new marketing concepts, a clunky UX/UI with no cinematic draw, no original flow, no pop! Worst of all no sales, and no forward progress.

No matter if you're just getting started or you've been at it for years, let us work with you and your company to bring it up to its full potential.

Blessings and Bliss,
Sounds Fun

Authorized to work in the US for any employer
Willing to relocate anywhere (maybe... see below)

While I could be open to relocation &/or Brick&Mortar setting, my preference is Remote Work as my beautiful wife just gave birth to our first child and I want to be at her side and with our new baby as much as possible.


Project examples below.


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